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How Hand Craftsmanship Adds a Unique Touch to Woodworking

If you make wooden products, adding a handmade artistic touch can make your products special and loved by customers. Handcraftsmanship has its own charm and adds appeal and aesthetics to things. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the methods we use at JOUZ to add unique touches to our wood products.

1. Suitable Wood:
It starts with choosing the right type of wood. Choose high-quality wood with good texture so it can withstand the carving and shaping process without breaking or crumbling.
All of our products in JOUZ have high hardness and a pleasant wood texture.

2. Hand Engraving:
Use hand tools such as fine saws and nails to add hand patterns to the wood. You can engrave simple geometric shapes or complex drawings depending on your design and desires.

Wooden Box

3. Manual Finishing:
After the carving and cutting process is complete, use sandpaper or polishing tools to smooth the edges and clean the wood surfaces for a smooth texture and great appearance. We also use some paints and polishes to add a final touch to the product.

4. Innovation and Renewal:
Stay away from repetition, make each of your products unique, and create new techniques and different artistic methods to update your wooden products and make them stand out in the market.

Wooden Box

5. Special Signature:
Do not hesitate to add your own signature to all your products, whether your signature is a drawing, writing, or decoration, as your signature is the identity of your products that will identify them in the market.

In conclusion:
By choosing JOUZ Company, you can apply all the previous points and more to your products. Contact us directly to begin charting your own path in the wood products market.