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JOUZ… The Title of Elaborate Wooden Gifts

In an increasingly sophisticated world concerned with the environment and sustainability, wood remains a symbol of luxury and distinction in wooden gifts. At the JOUZ Factory, this art is embodied in the manufacture and design of all types of luxurious wooden boxes in their finest forms. We combine the use of modern technologies and high craftsmanship skills to produce extremely beautiful wooden works.

Our journey began in Damascus, Syria, in 2001, then we moved to Istanbul, Turkey, to make it our global launch center with clients from more than twenty countries around the world. Through continuous innovation and commitment to the highest quality standards, JOUZ Factory has evolved into a leader in the wooden gift industry.

Wooden Coffee Box

The process of manufacturing wooden antiques and gifts in the JOUZ factory begins with the unique design of the wooden piece and focusing on its refined identity. Then we select the best types of wood that will add a special elegance that matches the chosen design, with a certain focus on sustainability and quality.
The latest technologies are used in cutting to ensure the accuracy and beauty of the final product. The factory’s craftsmen then undertake the task of assembling and finishing the pieces with their expert hands, adding a unique artistic touch to each piece.

Sweet Box

Our products at Jouz vary between elegant storage boxes, customized gift boxes, unique decorative antiques, and many other products. Whatever the quantity you need or the occasion you are preparing for, all you have to do is contact us so that we can achieve your goal with the most beautiful, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products.

You can view our products through the pages of our website or contact us for more information.